My Favourite Quorn Foods

So I went through the freezer and went though my fav foods and their calorie counts, and it eve surprised ME how low the calorie counts where…and I’ve been eating Quorn for 7 years haha.

My top six Quorn foods….

  1. Smoky Style Bacon - 78 calories per 1/4 pack (there’s 6 in a pack)
  2. Battered Chicken Fillets - 184 calories per fillets (that’s only because of the batter)
  3. Mince - 71 calories per 1/4 pack
  4. burgers - 80 calories each (so good considering normal burgers normally have 200 calories, can double up and still have less)
  5. Chicken fillets (not battered) - 92 calories per every 2 fillets (this is really goo because you get too for less then 100)
  6. Chicken nuggets - 31 calories each (they are high because of the batter again)

While I was looking at my food I also looked at my soya milk, only 106 calories per 250ml and that’s sweetened to it will have a lot less with out it being sweetened. 

So if you really want to cut down on the calories then really do have a look and try Quorn because it’s sooo much better for you.

Have a good day/ night


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